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About Our Process

  • All of our precast concrete products are individually hand made with extreme attention to detail
  • Custom coloring by skilled artisans makes each concrete product unique
  • We treat each concrete floor as a unique project and tailor our installation strategies for that specific slab.
  • Extreme care is taken to provide each client with the best product possible.

Riverbed Concrete Inc. provides the following services: polished concrete flooring, stained & sealed concrete flooring, burnished concrete flooring, decorative concrete flooring, concrete countertops and sinks, concrete tiles, concrete panels, concrete fire place surrounds, concrete ledges, and concrete planters, fire-bowls, perimeter security devices, benches soaking tubs, and fountains through our subsidiary, Slick Rock

Riverbed Concrete RbC 119 serves the Texas cities of: Boerne, San Antonio, Austin, New Braunfels, Houston, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Ft. Worth, West Texas, and the Hill Country and surrounding areas.

Riverbed Concrete (out of Boerne, Texas) custom concrete services include:

Decorative Concrete Flooring: Riverbed Concrete Inc. provides decorative concrete flooring options both locally in the San Antonio area and beyond. The decorative concrete flooring options that we offer for both residential and commercial applications include:

  • polished concrete floors (concrete polishing and dyeing applications)
  • consulting on concrete flooring
  • concrete floor stains (acid stained concrete floors, stained concrete floors (non acid stained techniques), stained concrete patios)
  • sealed concrete floors
  • concrete flooring maintenance
  • stained concrete flooring techniques such as: decorative concrete scoring, concrete stenciling, and multiple color build up

Concrete Countertops, Concrete Sinks, Vanities, Consoles: Riverbed Concrete Inc. manufactures and installs pre-cast concrete countertops in the San Antonio area and beyond. Possible options for concrete countertops, concrete sinks, vanities, and consoles include:

  • pre-cast concrete countertops for kitchens, bathrooms, outdoors, and indoor locations
  • pre-cast concrete sinks or integral concrete sinks
  • concrete island countertops
  • decorative options for concrete countertops & sinks include: decorative aggregate, fossil or natural stone inlay, acid staining, trivet strips, integral drain board, removable cutting board

Concrete Tiles: Riverbed Concrete Inc. manufacturers and precast concrete tiles (previously called slickrock tiles) for projects all over the United States. These hand polished precast concrete tiles can be made in a variety of sizes and shapes and are commonly used for the following applications:

  • concrete backsplash tiles
  • concrete floor tile
  • concrete sinks with concrete tile inlays

Slick Rock Riverbed Concrete's subsidiary, Slick Rock, designs and manufacturers precast concrete landscape elements. These items are manufactured in Boerne, TX, right outside of San Antonio, TX, but are shipping nationwide for both commercial and residential projects. Examples of Slick Rock's concrete landscape elements include:

  • Concrete planters and basins: landscape planter for contemporary landscape planting, contemporary planting, contemporary landscaping, architectural planters, architectural planting, architectural outdoor design, large, oversized concrete planters and pots
  • Concrete fire bowls: fire bowls, water features
  • Concrete water features: concrete soaking tubs, concrete scupper bowls for pools or water features, concrete water fountain
  • Concrete perimeter security devices: concrete bollards, concrete benches

Concrete Furniture: Each piece of concrete furniture is custom designed and fabricated at our manufacturing facility in Boerne, Texas. Examples of concrete furniture include concrete bench, concrete table top, and concrete ping pong table.

Custom Choices Include: acid stained concrete, polished concrete, etched concrete, concrete polishing, stained concrete, alternating stain colors with scoring